Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Welcome to KoreanMovieReviews.com! Here at KMR, I plan on posting a new review every other day. Well, every other week day, at least. So, you can expect a review every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It'll be limited to South Korean films, but a wide range. From the oldies to the newbies, and from every genre imaginable. If you're looking for reviews, recommendations, and direct links to where to watch the films legally, you should check back often -- I'd highly recommend, and even appreciate, you bookmark this site.

All of my reviews will be short and sweet, but with great detail. They'll include a brief, spoiler-free synopsis, a numerical score, and a parental guide. Of course, the main meal will be the actual review where I'll go over the story, the acting, the camerawork, the cinematography, the direction, and so on. Navigation should be easy enough with links to the major genres up top, and all other navigation options to your right.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and reading -- a special thanks for taking the time to read this welcome post. I hope you stick around to read the many reviews I'll be posting for the life of this site. Feel free to leave a comment in any of my posts or email me with any inquiries; also, if you'd like to see me review any specific film, let me know.


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