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Review: Rainbow Eyes (2007)

Rainbow Eyes (Review)
Yang Yun-ho/Kim Kang-woo/2007
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" original and creative crime thriller with procedural execution."

Officers Kyung-yoon (Kim Kang-woo) and Eun-ju (Kim Min-sun) investigate the brutal murder of a wealthy gym owner. When another man is found dead, the pair must find the link in their pasts to uncover the murderer...

Rainbow Eyes continues as the investigation unravels. The evidence leads them to believe the men were homosexuals, and they must share a past as they were likely killed by the same person. At the same time, Kyung-yoon attempts to salvage his love life, while attempting to forget his own past. However, his past may also be related to the murders. After a heavy-handed twist, the finale takes you into an exhilarating ride leading to a heartfelt ending. (the less you know about the film beforehand, the better and more surprising it'll be during, so I'll keep the spoilers out.)

Rainbow Eyes presents an original and creative crime thriller with procedural execution. In other words, the story and content may be unique, but the film plays out like every other crime film out there. The style is over-the-top and even a bit irritating; the flashy, choppy editing is unnecessary and overused. The first two acts have enough to keep your attention, but it really starts to gain momentum during the final act. The love subplots felt underdeveloped, but the final act really delivered some much needed and satisfying closure. I'd say the final act really redeemed the film, taking it from just good to about great.

Kim Kang-woo is great as the lead, although he is occasionally over-dramatic. Kim Min-sun, despite lacking some character development, plays her character very well. The film is shot beautifully, but it is distorted by too much editing -- too many scenes have sloppy camerawork and strong color tints, as well as choppy cuts, that make the scenes ineffective and messy. The music is great, though. Yang Yun-ho's direction is also consistent in crafting a by-the-book crime thriller. The over-stylized editing is the only aspect that really bothered me on the technical side.

Overall, Rainbow Eyes is a great crime thriller with a strong twist and ending. The first two acts are by-the-books, while the final act really picks up the tension and momentum, as well as effectively closing most loose ends. Recommended for fans of the genre.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, sex and nudity. (there is rape, as well, although not very graphic.)

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