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Review: See You After School (2006)

See You After School (aka Rooftop After School) (Review)
Lee Seok-hun/Bong Tae-gyu/2006
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"Very quirky, often raunchy, and occasionally bizarre... laugh-out-loud comedy gold."

Goong-dahl (Bong Tae-gyu), a typical high school loser deemed the "unluckiest man alive", returns to class after a year of extensive training to prove himself as more than just a reject...

See You After School starts with a hilarious examination of Goong-dahl by a group of doctors; this shows he really is the unluckiest man alive through his life experience and bizarre tests he always seems to fail -- or pass in the eyes of the medical staff. Anyway, Goong-dahl returns to school where he meets up with a friend from the very same program who seems to have fit in, at least sort of. Goong-dahl is convinced into proving himself by challenging someone at school, and he does so when he sees the opportunity to protect the school's hottie, Min-ah, from a bully. But, this bully turns out to be the school champ and he decides to settle the score on the rooftop of the school after class. The rest of the film consist of Goong-dahl and his buddy trying to get out of the fight, usually in embarrassing methods -- faking an eye infection, hiring someone to take his place, and so on. The final act treads into familiar territory, but it is still hilarious; this film uses up its complete runtime, even through the credits, to give a hilarious follow-up.

Very quirky, often raunchy, and occasionally bizarre, See You After School is laugh-out-loud comedy gold. Goong-dahl is absolutely hilarious throughout, and in so many ways; but, most of the time, this character delivers the humor through some cringe-worthy embarrassment -- and I loved it. The rest of the characters are equally humorous, too. It doesn't rely on gross-out gags or vulgarity, either, most of its humor is lighthearted and genuine; there is one scene where a character is punched so hard he crapped himself, or at least in a sense, but I wouldn't say it's vulgar -- not exactly tasteful, but definitely not offensive.

In fact, I felt great watching this film, it was just so "feel-good" I think it added a lot to my overall enjoyment -- it was a delight to watch. The final act becomes a bit generic, you've likely seen these scenes before, but it works out; the credit scenes are also hilarious. And, the pacing is fantastic, the film always has something going on; it never runs out of humor and it never stops moving. As humorous as it is, it's even a bit meaningful in the end.

Bong Tae-gyu is full of charisma and quirkiness; he's awkward and ready to embarrass himself, and that's great. His performance really steals the show. The film is beautifully shot, and the special effects are great whenever they're used; the editing was also great in creating some witty moments. The music is a great, but not very distinct for the genre. The English subtitles on the Netflix Stream are nearly perfect -- in fact, I didn't notice any errors. Director and writer Lee Seok-hun has crafted a hilarious film for all of the genre fans; the humor is so well crafted and genuine, it very refreshing and entertaining.

Overall, See You After School is hilarious. It's one of the funniest films I've ever seen, I laughed from beginning to end -- I even had to cover my mouth as I felt I was making way too much noise laughing. The final act may be a genre cliché, but the film, overall, never failed to keep me laughing and entertained. Don't miss out on this quirky comedy.

Score: 9/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood -- usually through bullying, and language.

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