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Top 10 Best Korean Movies on Netflix Instant

List: Top 10 Best Korean Movies on Netflix Instant
A few months ago over on Cinematic Addiction, I wrote a list on the best South Korean films you probably haven't seen on Netflix. Well, now I thought I'd share a list of the best Korean movies on Netflix – including the obscure and most popular titles. Although Netflix has recently removed classics like Oldboy and the rest of the excellent Vengeance trilogy, this is still a somewhat difficult list to comprise considering the superb quality of many Korean films but I'm doing it anyway.

By the way, I usually don't post lists on this website, but I made an exception for this. Review updates will continue every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as regularly scheduled, afterward.

10. War of the Arrows
Read War of the Arrows (Review) Here!
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War of the Arrows follows Nam-yi, a skillful archer, who races to save his kidnapped sister. This is ferociously-paced thriller with fantastic action and superb chase scenes. To describe it in one word: epic. Also, it's kind of like Wanted with arrows if that offers anything...

9. Crying Fist
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The story of washed-up boxer Tae-shik and troublemaking thug Sang-hwan as the pair look towards boxing to repair their lives. Crying Fist works as much more than a procedural sports film as it really focuses on the everyday struggle of the characters, without the characters every crossing paths. Choi Min-sik and Ryoo Seung-bum deliver powerhouse performances.

8. A Moment To Remember
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Chul-soo, a man with a troubled past, and Su-jin, a forgetful young woman, develop a strong relationship despite their differences. The film focuses on the strong chemistry of the relationship, as well as Alzheimer's disease. It's a creative romance film that focuses on the ups and downs of a unique relationship.

7. New World
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After an incident kills the head of the Goldmoon crime syndicate, the transition of power causes a struggle between the second-in-command and the gang's number three... all while a mole is used to influence the transition. New World is a masterfully written and incredibly suspenseful crime classic.

6. Masquerade
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Fearing an assassination, King Gwang-hae orders his councilor to find his exact double. Joker Ha-sun is found and hired as the King's double, but the similarities stop at the aesthetics... Masquerade is a fantastic historical drama with a great blend of genuine humor.

5. The Man From Nowhere
Read The Man From Nowhere (Review) Here!
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Cha Tae-sik is a recluse who only speaks to a young girl who lives next door. When she's kidnapped, Tae-sik spirals into the underworld for vengeance. Featuring fantastic camerawork and spectacular action sequences, as well as a heartfelt story, The Man From Nowhere delivers on every level.

4. I Saw The Devil
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I Saw The Devil follow secret service agent Soo-hyun as he seeks to punish the man who slaughtered his fiance – vicious and notorious serial killer Kyung-chul. With superb performances from both leads, Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik, I Saw The Devil is a brutal thriller with a contemplative plot.

3. The Good, The Bad, The Weird
Read The Good, The Bad, The Weird (Review) Here!
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The Bad, The Good, and The Weird battle and outwit each other to attain a valuable map in 1930s Manchuria. This film is the pinnacle of action/adventure as it delivers superb shootouts, chases, and explosions; the trio of leads, Lee Byung-hun, Jung Woo-sung, and Song Kang-ho, also deliver exciting and creative performances; the masterful direction from Kim Jee-woon is the cherry on top...

2. The Chaser
Read The Chaser (Review) Here!
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When his prostitutes go missing, detective turned pimp Joong-ho is led to Yeong-min. What ensues is plethora of figurative and literal chases and investigative work into some dark territory. A pure-breed thriller that blends the very best of old-school Hollywood and the South Korean film industry, The Chaser is a masterpiece of the genre and a must-watch.

1. Silenced
Read Silenced (Review) Here!
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Silenced follows In-ho, who is hired as the new art teacher at a school for hearing-impaired children. Unfortunately, In-ho finds the children being physically and sexually abused. Silenced is a very difficult film to watch; it does not sugarcoat its subject, opting for realistic, disturbing scenes that will give you nightmares. It slowly builds up its disturbing subject, as well. And, the ending will likely devastate you if you're not accustomed to it yet. But, it's a story that must be told, and it's told efficiently and effectively. The fantastic cast, which features superb performances from the children, the ominous soundtrack, and the flawless direction further make this a must-watch. Prepare yourself, though, this is the opposite of a feel-good film.

Thanks for reading, hope you got a few recommendations and I hope you enjoy these fantastic films! If I missed one of your favorites: it was likely eliminated because it was too similar to a better film on the list, I didn't like it as much, or I haven't seen it. (Some notable films I removed because of the similarities were More Than Blue and Marathon. I also removed Welcome to Dongmakgol and No Doubt due to their previous placement in January's list.) Anyway, please recommend the list to your friends and tweet me @JonathanCA_KMR.

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