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Review: Attack The Gas Station 2 (2010)

Attack The Gas Station 2 (Review)
Kim Sang-jin/Ji Hyun-woo/2010
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"...a great way to kill a night, or more like pummel a night."

After his gas station is robbed, Mr. Park (Park Yeong-gyu) hires an eccentric crew of fighters to protect his property...

First and foremost, I haven't seen the original film yet, but I'm going to get to it. Anyway, this film continues to follow this group as they first protect the gas station from a small, amateur crew. Fed up with Mr. Park's treatment and generally bored, the crew decide to takeover the gas station and make their unpaid wages in one night. The best way to get thousands in cash in one night? Sell the gas at half-price. And they do it all while meeting some wild characters, like a drunk journalist and a hijacked police transport, and fighting the thugs they were initially hired to fight. The ending is great, I especially enjoyed the scene during the credits.

Attack The Gas Station 2 is a funny and entertaining film. It has a unique, but subtle style, kind of like a manga adaptation -- with sound effects and some unrealistic action. The first two acts of the film focus more on humor and character, so there really isn't much action during the first hour and 15 minutes. The final act features a few exciting rumbles, though. It felt unbalanced and somewhat inconsistent because of the different tones -- you're laughing out loud the first hour, then the action becomes the dominating force -- it's still funny during the final act, but not as much as the first two. Also, the film is on the long side considering the simplicity of the story. Fortunately, it's all-around very entertaining, despite a few flaws; a great way to kill a night, or more like pummel a night.

The acting was good -- nothing special and far from terrible, just very good. A few of the characters were cliché, but most were fun and exciting; the performances really help build said character. Otherwise, the film is up to standard, if you will. The film looks great, beautiful use of lighting. The music helps build the fun and exciting mood of the film. The English subtitles on the Netflix Instant stream I watched, which may be expired by the time this review is posted, were perfect -- they ran a little slow at times, but had limited flaws. Director Kim Sang-jin created a very fun comedy and an exciting action film; I just wish it was more balanced and consistent.

Overall, Attack The Gas Station 2 was a very fun film. I know I've said it a few times already, but it's the perfect way to explain: it's fun! So, if you're looking for entertainment via funny slapstick comedy and quirky characters, and don't mind some technical flaws, this film is for you.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Violence and blood. Mostly fist fights.

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