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Review: Evil Twin (2007)

Evil Twin (Review)
Kim Ji-hwan/Park Shin-hye/2007
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"...spine-tingling and exciting."

When an accident ten years prior kills her twin sister and leaves her in a coma, So-yeon (Park Shin-hye) awakens and the village experiences strange events...

Evil Twin mainly follows So-yeon and her village as they experience these strange events. So-yeon's twin sister, Hyo-jin, is said to haunt the area. So-yeon doesn't remember the events that took her sister's life, so she tries to unravel the mystery while staying sane. Meanwhile, the rest of the villagers become victims to Hyo-jin's wrath. The ending of the film is a bit abrupt and underwhelming -- it's a decent ending, but it lacks buildup and effective closure.

One of the biggest flaws for Evil Twin is its failure to use its distinct setting to its advantage. There are not a lot of ghost films based on the era, so it had a great opportunity. Unfortunately, the film opts for the familiar "black-haired-white-nightgown" style ghost story. The setting offers enough to present a unique style, but the story is run-of-the-mill. The horror consists of some surprising jump-scares and spooky visuals. In this case, I really enjoyed the creepy visual scares; some were spine-tingling and exciting. (I'm a sucker for the traditional Asian ghost, sue me.)

The acting was good. The roles aren't very demanding, but at least Park Shin-hye has the charisma to hold the film together. The music is standard horror music; again, it fumbles in using the setting to create a more distinct horror film. The film is shot well; some scenes are too dark, but I think that may have been the print I watched. The Amazon Prime Instant Video stream I watched is poorly translated -- it's filled with spelling and grammatical errors, which in turn makes the film much more difficult to follow. The story is simple enough to understand, though. Director Kim Ji-hwan fails to use his setting in an effective way, but conjures some spooky visuals and effective jump-scares.

Overall, Evil Twin is a good horror film. There are a few jump-scares I liked, and I especially enjoyed the visual scares. As a fanboy, I haven't grown completely tired of the typical Asian ghost, though. I recommend watching this film if you haven't burned yourself out on the genre.

Score: 6/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood.

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