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Review: My Dear Desperado (2010)

My Dear Desperado (Review)
Kim Kwang-sik/Jung Yoo-mi, Park Joong-hoon/2010
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"I laughed and smiled throughout the film..."

Unemployed but persistent Han Se-jin (Jung Yoo-mi) meets middle-aged gangster Oh Dong-chul (Park Joong-hoon) when she moves into a one-room basement apartment.

My Dear Desperado is a surprisingly original romantic comedy. Recently laid-off Han Se-jin moves into the basement flat as she searches for a new job. As she settles in, she meets small-time gangster Oh Dong-chul and they slowly but surely start their relationship. It's not the run-of-the-mill relationship, though, as the pair share a different kind of chemistry; it'd hard to put my finger on it, but it's very refreshing. The third act of the, however, opts for more of the genre clichés. I liked the ending, though.

My Dear Desperado is a lighthearted romantic comedy. The film has a little less quirk than the usual Korean rom com, but it still had undeniable charm. I didn't laugh out loud like it did with films like See You After School or My Sassy Girl, but I did have a smile across my face for most of the runtime, and a few chuckles, as well. Aside from the clichés the film piles on during the final act, I don't have many complaints for the bulk of the film. I had a great time. I guess I can put it this way: on its own, it's a great film with very few flaws; compared to other romantic comedies, there's room for improvement.

Jung Yoo-mi delivers a great performance; she's very genuine. Park Joong-hoon is also great; a textbook gangster with personality. The music is good; it doesn't play often, but it's distinct enough to notice every now and then. The English subtitles in the Amazon Prime Instant Video stream have some noticeable flaws ("are" instead of "our", etc.), but it's still easy enough to understand. Writer and director Kim Kwang-sik does well in sparking chemistry between the two leads and balancing the romance and humor; it only really fumbles when the film becomes a typical romantic comedy during the third act -- even then, it's still an effective drama.

Overall, My Dear Desperado is a great film. It's different from the typical romantic comedy, at least for the first hour or so. More importantly, its very entertaining; I laughed and smiled throughout the film and had a great time. If you're really into the genre, you may even shed some tears. There's room for improvement, but that doesn't make the film bad at all.

Score: 8/10 
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood.

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