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Review: The Quiz Show Scandal (aka Quiz King) (2010)

The Quiz Show Scandal (aka Quiz King) (Review)
Jang Jin/Kim Su-ro/2010
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" of the funniest Korean comedies I've ever watched."

At a police station, the final question to a popular quiz show is leaked to a group of people being questioned for a four-car pileup, the police, and some delivery bikers.

The first half of The Quiz Show Scandal really follows this large group of eccentric characters in the police station during the investigation. They're quick to pass blame for a woman who was hit by the first car, bounced to the next, dodged by the third, and steamrolled by the fourth. The question and answer to the quiz show's final question -- a quiz show with a $13 million dollar prize -- leaks, and they begin to prepare for the show. The story comes full circle for a hilarious quiz show. However, the actual ending felt abrupt -- no closure or follow-up, it just ends.

Aside from the abrupt ending, the only other issue I had was with the vast amount of characters. They're hilarious and distinct, but their introductions come by so quick and the focus is more on humor than character; in fact, I barely remember any of their names. Fortunately, like I said, the film focuses on humor -- and it succeeds. This is uproariously hilarious. Despite not knowing their names, the characters are quirky and lively.

The gambling husband, the small-time gangsters, the Chinese food delivery bikers, the sassy high school student... I may not remember all of their names, but I definitely remember their character. The humor is a little irreverent, a little black, a little slapstick... a little of everything. Some scenes almost had me in tears. (for those who have seen it: the scene in the restroom was pure hilarity.) Also, this great blend of comedy made the 2 hour runtime feel much shorter.

The huge cast is superb. Some of the main cast highlights are Shim Eun-kyung, Ryu Seung-ryong, and Jang Young-nam. The cameos were also fantastic. Jung Jae-young almost steals the show with his 5 minutes. ("Beeeeep!") The English subtitles in the Amazon Prime Instant Video had an error or two, but nothing that will negatively affect the experience. Writer and director Jang Jin succeeds in crafting a hilarious comedy; the issues with the story I had are minuscule compared to the wonderful experience I had.

Overall, I loved The Quiz Show Scandal. It's an absolutely hilarious comedy with a lot of life. Sure, I don't remember some of the characters' names, but I definitely remember their personas -- they were lively and charismatic enough to leave a mark. It has a few shortcomings in story, but its humor is hilarious and refreshing. In fact, it's one of the funniest Korean comedies I've ever watched. Don't skip this film.

Score: 9/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood.

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