Friday, December 26, 2014

Film Review: Real Fiction (2000)

Real Fiction (Review)
Kim Ki-duk/Joo Jin-mo/2000
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"I was glued to my seat from the beginning to the end of this savage warpath."

A street artist savagely murders his foes -- real and imaginary.

Real Fiction follows Han-sik (Joo Jin-mo), a street artist, after he is bullied at his stand in the park -- this introduction felt a bit rough. He follows another mysterious young lady to a theater show called "Another Me." From there on, he is convinced to kill his enemies -- and he does so. The story is simple on the surface, but becomes a bit more complex the deeper you look. Fortunately, its surface simplicity is enough to satisfy up to its great ending.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Film Review: Moebius (2013)

Moebius (Review)
Kim Ki-duk/Jo Jae-hyun/2013
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"...definitely thought-provoking and interesting."

Fed up with her husband's (Jo Jae-hyun) affair, a distraught wife (Lee Eun-woo) horribly disfigures their son (Seo Young-ju)...

Moebius is a simple film with many complex levels. On the surface, the narrative is very simple. In fact, the film refuses to use dialogue to convey the story – frankly, it doesn't need it. The story follows this dysfunctional (maybe an understatement) family after a horrendous incident: a mother severs her son's penis due to her husband's affair. Afterward, father and son try to repair their relationship and their “messy” business, and mom seemingly disappears. The son is tormented – for some particular reason, everyone wants to see this guy's junk – and so is the father, but they cope in a very unique way. Anyway, the film eventually hits a haunting climax (narrative climax, not the other kind of climax, if you know what I'm saying *insert your favorite winking emoji here*) and a devastating ending.