Friday, February 27, 2015

Film Review: No Tears For The Dead (2014)

No Tears For The Dead (Review)
Lee Jeong-beom/Jang Dong-gun/2014
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"...a very stylish and exhilarating action film."

After accidentally killing a young girl during a mission, mafia hitman Gon (Jang Dong-gun) wants out. However, his boss demands one more job: the girl's mother, Mo-gyeong (Kim Min-hee)...

No Tears For The Dead begins with a convenient accident in the US. Gon struggles with his mistake, but is forced to visit Korea and assassinate the girl's mother, Mo-gyeong. Mo-gyeong works as a successful risk manager at an investment firm in Korea. She's unknowingly part of a large conspiracy. As one would expect, Gon struggles to kill Mo-gyeong despite his many opportunities. Instead, he opts to save her, to act as a guardian angel, as police crack down on the conspiracy and as other assassins close in on her. It all leads to a bloody, action-packed climax and a moderately satisfying ending.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Film Review: Tabloid Truth (2014)

Tabloid Truth (Review)
Kim Kwang-sik/Kim Kang-woo/2014
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"...I did enjoy Tabloid Truth quite a bit."

Lee Woo-gon (Kim Kang-woo), a talent manager, relentlessly searches for the source of a scandalous rumor responsible for his client's death.

Tabloid Truth is an interesting mystery/thriller film. The story follows Woo-gon after his close client, Mi-jin (Go Won-hee), commits suicide. Woo-gon blames her suicide on a vicious rumor that began circulating concerning Mi-jin and her supposed relationship with a politician. So, Woo-gon begins to track the source of the rumor, which unravels an even larger and more dangerous conspiracy. It has plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your feet, but nothing mind-blowing or completely unpredictable. In fact, most of the ending could be seen from a mile away. Still, I enjoyed it.