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Film Review: Miss Granny (2014)

Miss Granny (Review)
Hwang Dong-hyuk/Shim Eun-kyung/2014
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"...a hilarious, heartwarming and enjoyable comedy with splendid performances."

Upon hearing she'll be sent to a nursing home, Oh Mal-soon (Na Moon-hee) stumbles into a photo studio that magically turns her into her 20-year-old self.

Miss Granny continues to follow Oh Mal-soon after she emerges from the photo studio as her young self. As her young self, she takes the name Oh Doo-ri (Shim Eun-kyung) and begins to relish in the benefits of youth. With her new image, she rents a room from her elderly admirer, Mr. Park, and joins her grandson's band to pursue her music career. All while suspiciously prancing and bickering like a shameless elderly woman. The film leads to a predictable yet enjoyable ending. It does skimp over some explanation, though – even if it's only magic, I would've like to see some more detail.

Miss Granny is a hilarious comedy with a lot of heart. In a sense, the story strongly reminded me of 200 Pounds Beauty – in fact, the formula is very similar, except for the magic, I suppose. Oh Mal-soon stumbles into the photo studio, emerges as a young woman, then develops relationships with familiar faces while keeping her true identify hidden – even the strong focus on music is familiar.

Regardless of the similarities, I had a great time with Miss Granny. It features a very lighthearted, quirky, and sassy brand of humor, which I thoroughly enjoy. Watching Oh Doo-ri adapt to her younger self, while occasionally making a fool of herself, was hilarious. The drama was also effective, especially towards the end. I suppose that's the best way to explain the film without dragging the review – a hilarious, heartwarming and enjoyable comedy with splendid performances.

Speaking of performances, the humor is amplified thanks to Na Moon-hee and Shim Eun-kyung's wonderful performances. Shim Eun-kyung dominates most of the screen time with her quirky, lively, and lovely performance; I've been a fan of Eun-kyung since Hansel and Gretel, and she still hasn't disappointed. The rest of the supporting cast is also great. The music is mostly pop, but I liked it Рusually I'm not a fan of the genre, but it has great energy. The film is shot well, too. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who also directed Silenced, delivers a great comedy with strong performances and laugh-out-loud humor; however, some of the writing is clich̩ and the film's runtime is a little bloated Рjust a little.

Overall, Miss Granny is a great comedy. I had wonderful experience watching the film – I enjoyed everything from the quirky humor to the music. There are a few flaws in the story and it is a little lengthy, but it's definitely worth the time. I think fans of films like 200 Pounds Beauty will enjoy it. Being a big fan of Shim Eun-kyung, I can't recommend this film enough – I hope to see more from her in the future. Watch it and enjoy.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood. (A car accident.)

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