Friday, June 26, 2015

Film Review: Monster (2014)

Monster (Review)
Hwang In-ho/Lee Min-ki, Kim Go-eun/2014
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"...very quirky and even eccentric."

When her younger sister is murdered by a vicious serial killer, Bok-soon (Kim Go-eun) will stop at nothing to avenge her...

Monster primarily follows Bok-soon. Bok-soon is a young woman with a lot of heart and spunk. She's intellectually-disabled, but she rises above the name-calling with her sass and bravery. One day, a young girl, Na-ri (Ahn Seo-hyun), is abducted by a serial killer after her older sister's murder — a murder at the hand's of handsome but vicious killer Tae-soo (Lee Min-ki). Tae-soo gives Na-ri the opportunity to live if she can run away, but anyone she asks for help will be killed. Unfortunately, Na-ri asks Bok-soon and her sister, Eun-jeong, for help, which leads to Eun-jeong's murder at the hands of Tae-soo. Devastated by her death, Bok-soon bows to avenge her sister and protect Na-ri. Monster leads to a bloody climax and satisfying ending.

Friday, June 5, 2015

TV Review: God's Gift - 14 Days (2014)

God's Gift – 14 Days
Lee Dong-hoon/Lee Bo-young, Jo Seung-woo/2014
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"...a great blend of fantasy, thrills, suspense, mystery, and drama."

This is my first Korean show review, so please bear with me. As usual, I'll go over the plot while trying to avoid significant spoilers. Thanks for reading!

God's Gift – 14 Days primarily follows Kim Soo-hyun (Lee Bo-young), a television writer, Han Saet-byul (Kim Yoo-bin), Soo-hyun's overly-trusting daughter, and Ki Dong-chan (Jo Seung-woo), a masterful-police-officer-turned-private-investigator. One day, during a live broadcast of her show, Soo-hyun's daughter is kidnapped. Soo-hyun tries her hardest to rescue Saet-byul, but to no avail – she sadly is found murdered. So, Soo-hyun decides to commit suicide by drowning herself in a lake. Meanwhile, upon learning of his mentally-challenged brother's imminent execution, Ki Dong-chan is thrown into the very same lake by angry gangsters.