Friday, February 5, 2016

Film Review: Voices (aka Someone Behind You) (2007)

Voices (aka Someone Behind You) (Review)
Oh Ki-hwan/Yoon Gi-seon/2007
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"Voices has something to say, it just tends to mumble throughout most of the film."

After a bizarre accident concerning her aunt at a wedding, student Kim Ga-in (Yoon Jin-seo) is inexplicably attacked by the people close to her...

Voices, also known as Someone Behind You, offers an interesting narrative – well, an interesting concept, at least. The film follows Kim Ga-in, a student. Ga-in's aunt falls off a balcony during her wedding; soon thereafter, her aunt is attacked again at a hospital. After this, Ga-in tries to proceed normally, but finds herself attacked by her family and close friends – classmates, teachers, and even her own mother. Hong Seok-min (Park Ki-woong), a quiet student suspected of killing his father at a young age, warns Ga-in: don’t trust anyone, including yourself. (She trusts everyone anyway.) So, Ga-in begins to search for the source of this curse that seems to be haunting her. The film leads to an incredibly unsatisfying conclusion; to be frank, the final act of this film offers no closure, leaving some gaping plot holes, and it feels like it belongs in a different film.