Hello readers, my name is Jonathan. I'm currently a full-time student, as well as a full-time film lover. I watch films from all genres and time periods, and can usually fit at least five movies a week -- and, I usually review every film I watch. I have been running my own blog for over six months and have decided to branch out and create a niche website. (Yeah, the website you're currently reading.) And, obviously, the full focus of this website will be South Korean films. Why? Well, South Korea has quickly grown into my favorite film industry as they deliver gem after gem and travel into uncharted territory -- certainly territory Hollywood is skeptical of exploring.

Anyway, as far as my writing credentials: I'm not a professional, I do this for fun. I write reviews for every other film I watch and post them on my main blog CinematicAddiction. I'm also in the top 2500 user reviewers on Amazon.com with 82% of voters finding my reviews helpful. Regardless, my reviews have always been short and sweet, straight to the point with little filler. All of my reviews also come with a numerical score, a parental guide, and where to watch links (i.e. Netflix Streaming, etc.)

If you're a fan of South Korean films, I recommend bookmarking this website. I'll be reviewing many films -- in fact, I'll be attempting to review a film every other day -- and you just might be surprised at what you find.


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